Crispy Chili in Oil

I’ve also seen this product labeled as Crunchy Chili Oil and Spicy Chili Crisp .

This stuff is awesome and has a great back story. The pictured woman (yes, it’s a woman) is (was) a widow who came from humble beginnings, never finished school, and can’t read. But she knew how to make awesome sauce(s) and that’s how she was able to raise her two boys. Within 20 years she had built a world famous brand. Apparently the name Lao Gan Ma translates to “The Godmother”. Watch out Al Pacino.

Toast with butter and crispy chili oil

I love this stuff. I eat it most often on top of slices of french bread or toast and in my morning veggie egg scrambles.

Veggie egg scramble with a dollop of crispy chili oil

I also used it in place of sesame oil in the marinade for Spicy Pepper Beef.

Spicy Pepper Beef

I’ll basically try it in just about anything. When I googled “what to use crispy chili oil in, I found an article by someone who suggested it’s great as an ice cream topping. Err, what? I’m not so sure about that one.

You can find this “wherever you find Chinese people” says Lao Gan Ma proudly.

It’s available at the Hiper Asia store here in Valencia. It’s a good size store and they have a good selection of products, except their produce aisle is lacking. They also carry some interesting snacks and treats.

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I'm an American expat living, cooking, eating, and exploring in Valencia,Spain.

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