Introducing The Super Cool Guy Behind Snackchatlive

Brent Timm is a natural in front of the camera. His food videos and Instagram stories are wildly entertaining. He combined his wanderlust with his love of food and entertaining, creating his brand SnackChat Live. With his infectious personality and charming smile, you will quickly find yourself enthralled.

He is a super cool guy and I was really excited to meet him in person while he was here in VLC. We met for lunch at one of the highly recommended restaurants for traditional Valencian paella, Casa Carmela.

Paella Lunch with SnackChatLive

Reign’n Spain: Tell us a little bit about your background and what inspired SnackChatLive?

SCL: Before I created SCL, I would make little comedic skits on Snapchat, to entertain my friends. One day, I bought a bag of Snyders Hanover Gluten Free Buffalo Wing Pretzels, and thought it would be unique to review the snack. From there, Snackchat was born! I would change it to SnackChat Live about 9 months later, to avoid copyright issues, and to stand out more. The name was also inspired by Saturday Night Live, since all the reviews were impromptu and meant to make people laugh.

Reign’n Spain: Why did you decide to leave your home and job to travel for food?

SCL: We only have one life to live, and a paycheck can only make someone so happy. I had to take a chance to pursue my ultimate dream of world travel, and being able to entertain and inspire people from all around the world.

Reign’n Spain: What are some of your hopes, goals, and/or wishes for SCL?

SCL: My hope is that it inspires others to see the world, and break out of their comfort zone. In the short term, I hope it’s a welcome and entertaining distraction to all of the depressing and negative content we see alone.

Reign’n Spain: What’s the funniest, strangest, or most embarrassing thing to happen to you recently?

SCL: I ran into my neighbor on the other side of the world completely unplanned and unexpected. The world is truly small!

Reign’n Spain: To date, what was your best meal or snack in Europe?

SCL: I really loved the New Milka Strawberry Cheesecake Chocolate bar from Germany, and the KNOPPERS Nutbar. They’re my two fave snacks from the trip. My best meal so far was a delicious Chimichurri steak I had at a restaurant called KANTYNA in Prague.

Reign’n Spain: I’m curious, is there anything you would NEVER eat under any circumstances?

SCL: I could never bring myself to eat dog, or cat. I love them too much!

Reign’n Spain: What’s the worst thing you’ve EVER eaten?

SCL: Luckily I don’t encounter too many bad meals, but I recently was at a food festival and had a sausage that was pure fat and mostly raw. I instantly spit it out and threw it away. AWFUL!

Reign’n Spain: Where are you off to next?

SCL: Ending my 2019 travels in Morocco!

Reign’n Spain: What are your plans for 2020?

SCL: South Korea-Indonesia-Taiwan–Philippines–New Zealand–Australia–South America –???

A couple more important questions:

Reign’n Spain: Using only what you have on you right now, how many zombies could you kill before they take you down?

SCL: Yikes, can a water bottle kill a zombie? Also, isn’t killing a zombie a contradiction 🙂 I think I could seriously injure 1 or 2 before I’d be eaten.

Reign’n Spain: If you had one superpower, what would it be and why?

SCL: The ability to fly! I could save so much money on car and air travel.

A huge thank you to Brent for taking the time for my itty bitty blog.

You can follow his food and travel adventures on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube.

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I'm an American expat living, cooking, eating, and exploring in Valencia,Spain.

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