Easy & Delicious Onion Bread

Do you love bread but are a little intimidated by making your own? You are not alone. I feel the same way more or less. As they say, practice makes perfect. Relatively speaking this recipe is not a difficult one and/or too time-consuming. One of the things, in my opinion, that was a catalyst toContinue reading “Easy & Delicious Onion Bread”

How To Channel Your Inner Baker-man(woman)

First, let’s set the mood. 😂😜 I’ve often thought “Wouldn’t it be nice to make my own bread?” , “Kneading dough looks like fun and it’s stress-relieving”, “I want to do that!”, and “Wow, making my own cinnamon rolls, sourdough, or french bread, etc. would be awesome.” I’ve always admired people who can and doContinue reading “How To Channel Your Inner Baker-man(woman)”

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